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Little Beaver

Little Beaver
Horizontal Drilling Kits

hd-pic2.jpg (4838 bytes)Stand up to Horizontal Drilling with the Dry-Type Sidewalk Auger
For drilling short distances, (up-to five feet), use the 3" x 5' Sidewalk Auger, and a 2" x 5' extension with wiggle joint. The convenient arrangement of this attachment allows the operator to drill horizontally five feet while standing. A five foot starting trench should be dug to the depth at which the bore is to be made. Drilling horizontally does not require the use of the torque tube. A horizontal drill key is used to the engine kill switch.

Sidewalk Auger Kit (Part No. 20200)

Individual components:
3" x 5" Sidewalk Auger (Part No. 20020)
2" x 5" Wiggle Joint Extension (Part No. 20021)
Horizontal Drill Key ( Part No.20025)

hd-pic1.jpg (4841 bytes)Sprinklers, Conduits - in a snap with the Water Drilling Kit
Available for use with Mechanical or Hydraulic Drill for drilling horizontally up to a distance of 50 feet. Especially suited for sprinkler system installations, electrical or plumbing work where sidewalks and driveways prevent continuous trenching. The attachment is used in conjunction with a garden hose and a length of 3/4" water pipe to make horizontal bores up to 50 feet. This application successfully drills under driveways or parking areas. A 2", 3", or 4" water drill bit is available to meet different size hole requirements.

Materials Required

  • Little Beaver Earth Drill-Mechanical or Hydraulic with One-Man Handle

  • Water Drill Kit-2", 3", or 4" (below)

  • 3/4" Schedule 80 water pipe - long enough to accomplish hole plus 15 feet

  • 3/4" Pipe Collars - Enough for connecting pipe sections and attachments.

  • Stakes for aiming

Setup and Operation
After the trenches are dug on both sides of the sidewalk or driveway, simply screw the components together, turn on the water, and bore the hole. The water running through the water swivel and drill pipe sprays out the end of the cutting bit, flushing the cuttings out of the bore hole. This leaves a clean, straight hole, ready to accept water pipe, conduit, etc.

Water Drilling Kits
2" (Part No. 20100-2) 
3" (Part No. 20100-3) 
4" (Part No. 20100-4) 

Individual Parts
1. Water Swivel Adaptor (Part No. 20023)
2. Water Swivel Assembly (Part No. 20000)
3. Horizontal Drill Key (Part No. 20025)
4. Water Drill Bit Available in 2", 3", or 4" (Part No. 20022-2, 3, or 4)

Specifications and prices subject to change without notice.
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