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"Made in Texas by Texans"

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Lawn care professionals and finicky homeowners know that there is no substitute for clean, manicured look a lawn edger gives your landscape, and the Whipper Clipper is the finest lawn edger you can buy. Each edger is hand assembled from heavy-duty steel parts in the Bonham, Texas factory.

You can now orderWhipper-Clipper products in our Online Store.

  • Engine options include Honda, Kohler, Tecumseh, and Briggs and Stratton.
  • 3 to 5.5 horsepower models available.
  • Chassis available in three-wheel homeowner or four-wheel commercial models.
  • Options include the famous heavy-duty Whipper-Clipper star blade.
  • Primary safety guard around blade and secondary dirt shield protect operator from flying debris.
  • Adjustable blade guide prevents excessive blade wear along edge of curb or walk and helps insure a smooth, even cut.
  • Heavy-duty 5/8" blade shaft is bearing supported.
  • Steel wheels with ball bearings.
  • Right rear wheel lowers up to 7" for edging along high curbs.
  • Some three-wheel models feature a 90 degree range of adjustable blade angles.
  • Easy-to-operate foot pedal blade control on homeowner models. Engage or disengage blade with a touch of the toe.

Telescoping curb wheel adjusts to the height of your curb, and locks down with a simple turn of a handle. All three wheels rest on a solid surface for a smooth cut.

Adjust the blade angle on some three-wheel models for trimming up to 1/4" from fences and landscaping.



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