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Honda Walk-Behind Lawnmower Common Parts by Model Number

Finding Model and Serial Numbers:
Older (Pre-1995) Models

On most Honda lawnmowers made prior to 1995, it's a little difficult to determine your precise model number. The model ID tag (right) may have something like HR214-CF, HRA214-DL, HR215-EF, HRM215-OL, HRB215-FJ, etc. In such cases, the last two letters in the silver box are not part of your model number. We repeat, those last two letters on the model tag are not part of the model number. We've been selling Honda lawnmowers for over 30 years and still have no idea what those last two letters mean. 

Once you know your basic model (such as HR21, HR214, HRM215) found on the shroud, you need to know which model type you have. These are the model number suffixes like PDA, HXA, and SMA. If your model number tag doesn't give you a complete model number, Look on the front of the deck near the muffler. You should see a PX, PD, (push models) SD, SX, HX, TD (self-propelled models) or something similar. These tell about some of the features of the mower and are part of your model number. The A means that the mower was made for the American market. Since all of these models are for the American market, the final A is implied. If your mower is where you can't look at it right now, you might be able to pick it out by comparing the features with the models listed below. Here's what these extra letters in the model number suffix mean (At least since 1985):

First Letter:
  • S - Self Propelled (Gear Drive) 
  • H - Self Propelled (Hydrostatic) 
  • P - Push 
  • T or V - Self Propelled, Belt and Gear Drive (on HRS216, HRR216, HRB216) 
Second Letter:
  • X - Blade Brake Clutch (Only blade stops when handle is released) 
  • D - Flywheel Brake/Zone Start (Engine Stops when handle is released) 
  • M - Electric Start, Blade Brake Clutch 

You will also need to know which version you have. Honda may make small changes in a model from time to time. The new version will have approximately the same specifications as the previous one, so it's not given a new model number. Instead, Honda gives it a new K number. The HRM215 is replaced by the HRM215K1 which is replaced by the HRM215K2, and so on. Some of the changes are obvious, but some are not. The most reliable way to tell which K number your mower has is by using the frame serial number, usually located on the deck near where the handles are connected. Where needed, we list the serial number ranges for the different versions below. 

Finding Model and Serial Numbers:
Later Models

On newer (1994 and later) Honda lawnmowers, it's much easier to see what model you have. There is a tag which gives you the complete model number. It just says something like (in the above examples) HRB216HXA or HRT2162TDA and gives you a serial number. The first tag gives you a complete model number and all you have to do on the second is add a "K" before the number 2. No problems there.

Folow the links Below to listings that include every Honda Lawnmower model marketed in the United States, well over 200 in all. If you cannot find your model, and you are sure it is a US model, you'll have to look at your mower a little more closely or go back over the information above. You might also consider the possibility that you mower is not a Honda mower, but another brand of mower powered by a Honda engine.

Pages we have completed will have highlighted links. Model series are vaguely arranged in the order their series were first introduced, from earliest to latest. All dates are approximate. You can use the following links to skip down to the appropriate portion of the page.

Older Models, sold from 1978 to 1994
(HR21, HRA21, HR21-5, HRS21, HRM21, HR194, HR214, HR17, HR173)

Commercial Models (HR216, HRA216, HRC216, HRC215)

Masters Series, sold 1989 to 2007 (HR215, HR195, HRA215, HRM195)

Harmony Models, sold 1989-2001 (HRM215 and HRB215)

Harmony 2 Models, sold 1998 to present (HRR216, HRS216, HRT216)

Newer Models, sold 2001 to present
(HRB216, HRB217, HRX217, HRZ216, HRX217) 

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