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Common Parts by Model Type for Honda GX22 and GX31 Engines

Please note, the models listed are Honda general purpose engines, used on literally hundreds of different equipment brands. If the brand of your equipment is Honda, please use the parts listing for that model number. Many of the parts for engines used on Honda equipment will differ from those use on the general purpose version of the same engine.

GX22, GX31
Serial Number and Carburetor Identification Number Location

Pages we have completed will have highlighted links. All dates are approximate. 

  GX22 SA (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-67, WYL-67A, WYL-96 Carburetors  
  GX22 SA2 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-126 Carburetor  
  GX22 SA5 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-96 Carburetor  
  GX22 SAT (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-67, WYL-67A, WYL-96 Carburetors  
  GX22 SAT5 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-96 Carburetor  
  GX22 TA (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-83, WYL-83A, WYL-98, WYL-98A Carburetors  
  GX22 TA2 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-132 Carburetor  
  GX31 SA (1997-) 1.5 hp, WYL-68, WYL-68A, WYL-97, WYL-127 Carburetors  
  GX31 SA2 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-127 Carburetor  
  GX31 SA5 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-97, WYL-127 Carburetors  
  GX31 SAT (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-68, WYL-68A, WYL-97, WYL-127 Carburetors  
  GX31 SAT5 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-97, WYL-127 Carburetors  
  GX31 TA (1997-) 1.5 hp, WYL-79, WYL-79A, WYL-99, WYL-99A, WYL-115 Carburetors  
  GX31 TA2 (1997-) 1.0 hp, WYL-115 Carburetor  

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