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Honda's Innovative New Mini 4-Stroke Engines
The world's first 360 inclinable 4-stroke engine.

Looking for Honda engine parts? We have a listing of common parts by model number.

Honda's Mini 4-Stroke innovative design allows it to be used and stored in absolutely any position---upright, sideways, even upside-down!---for a full 360 of usability. A clever rotary-slinger pumping lubrication system keeps oil in a completely misted state and circulates it using pressure fluctuations generated by the movement of the piston. Built-in passages effectively return the circulated oil to the oil reservoir from every part of the engine, and an oil return port positioned in the center of the reservoir ensures that oil cannot accidentally flow into the combustion chamber.

High Power and Wide, Flat Torque-An OHV crossflow combustion chamber with the sparkplug positioned close to the center helps ensure excellent combustion efficiency for high power and a wide, smooth range of torque impossible in 2-stroke engines. A floatless rotary-valve carburetor helps realize full 4-stroke performance potential through the entire engine-speed range. Valve-related mechanisms have been made lightweight and strong to eliminate high-rpm shock loads and ensure optimum performance even during extended high-rev use.

Compact, Lightweight Design-Small, lightweight design is essential for hand-held and portable equipment. Honda's Mini 4-Stroke uniblock construction integrates the cylinder, head, and upper crankcase into one piece. Its innovative OHV format uses a single cam to actuate both intake and exhaust valves, and its durable nylon cam gear and ultra-compact fuel tank further lighten the engine for the easiest possible handling and carrying.

Easy, Reliable Starting-The Mini 4-Stroke's carburetor sends fuel directly to the combustion chamber to ensure easy, reliable starts that require no special tricks or skills. The engine is also designed to suppress sparkplug carbon buildup and carburetor clogging typically associate with the traditional two-stroke engines, maintaining like-new starting ease even over long periods of use or storage. Automatic mechanical decompression further ensures that starting is always just a light, smooth pull away.

Greatly Reduced Fuel and Maintenance Costs-Honda's Mini 4-Stroke OHV crossflow combustion chamber and near-center sparkplug realize fuel consumption approximately half that of typical 2-stroke engines. Further, troublesome 2-stroke related tasks like removing carbon from the sparkplug and muffler, mixing fuel and oil, and draining fuel for storage have all been eliminated. The result is lower maintenance costs that actually make the engine more economical the longer you own and use it!

User-Friendly, Environment-Friendly Performance-Efficient 4-stroke combustion significantly lowers emissions, not to mention the smoke and fumes normally associated with 2-stroke engines. The use of an OHV crossflow combustion chamber and other unique Honda engine technologies reduces hydrocarbon emissions to 1/7 those of typical 2-strokes, for a more environmentally and people-friendly engine that's clean enough to meet or exceed EPA and CARB emission standards.

Quieter Operation-With 2-stroke engines, exhaust gases are released in a high-pressure state, resulting in annoyingly loud muffler noise. The Mini 4-Stroke takes advantage of the 4-stroke combustion format to reduce such noise by delaying the opening of the exhaust valve slightly. A nylon cam gear assembly further dampens mechanical noise even more for "softer" operation that helps reduce work fatigue.

Ideal for Powering an Incredible Variety of Equipment-Featuring 360 inclinable usability and ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight construction, Honda's Mini 4-Stroke is ideally suited to all kinds of hand-held and portable equipment including brush cutters and mowers, generators, outboard motors, and even hobbyist applications like radio-controlled vehicles and go-carts. Wherever and however it's used, the revolutionary Honda Mini 4-Stroke engine is a unique new engine that will enhance the attractiveness, quality, and value of any product.

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  GX22 GX31
Engine Type Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV single-cylinder
Bore x Stroke 32 x 26mm 39 x 26mm
Displacement 22.2 cc 31 cc
Compression Ratio 8 : 1
Maximum Power Output 0.74kW(1PS)/7,000rpm 1.1kW(1.5PS)/7,000rpm
Maximum Torque 1.09Nm(0.11kg-m)/4,500rpm 1.64Nm(0.17kg-m)/4,500rpm
Carburetor Diaphragm-type (overflow return)
Ignition System Transistorized magneto
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Type Regular gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.45 liters 0.65 liters
Fuel Consumption 340g/kWh (250g/PSh)
Lubrication System Crankcase pressure driven
PTO Centrifugal Clutch
Oil Capacity 0.1 liters
Air Cleaner Semi-dry
Dimensions (LxWxH) 210 x 251 x 249mm 210 x 251 x 250mm
Dry Weight 3.3kg 3.4kg
PTO Shaft Rotation Counter-clockwise (viewed from PTO shaft side)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

We are sorry, but due to Honda dealer agreements these products are not available for shipment by us to locations outside of the United States.
(972) 423-5220

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