low maintenance yard tips and ideas

8 Tips for a Low Maintenance Yard

By Plano Power | February 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

You don’t have to hire a landscaper or spend all your free time in the garden to have a beautiful yard. There are plenty of low maintenance landscaping ideas and plants that thrive on your neglect. Don’t make more work than necessary. Follow these 11 low maintenance landscaping tips to have a beautiful lawn with … Continue reading “8 Tips for a Low Maintenance Yard”

most common lawn pests

Most Common Lawn Pests and How to Fight Them

By Plano Power | February 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

You’ve worked hard to keep your lawn healthy. You’ve watered, mowed, fertilized, and cared for it week in and week out, month in and month out. You’ve put in the time and sweat to have a beautiful lawn. Your dedication should not be tossed to the wayside because of some pesky lawn bugs and the … Continue reading “Most Common Lawn Pests and How to Fight Them”

6 Must Have Lawn Care Tools Every Homeowner Needs

By Plano Power | January 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

Proper lawn care and maintenance begins with having the right tools for the job. Caring for your lawn will be much easier and take far less time if you have these must have pieces of lawn equipment in your shed or garage. Must Have Lawn Care Equipment LAWN MOWER If you’re caring for your own … Continue reading “6 Must Have Lawn Care Tools Every Homeowner Needs”

8 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

By Plano Power | January 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

Spring is right around the corner and will be here before you know it. How your lawn will look for the rest of the season will be determined in how well you prep it for the warmer weather that’s right around the bend. As soon as the cold, winter weather starts to recede, it’s time … Continue reading “8 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring”

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

By Plano Power | December 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

If you’re properly caring for your lawn, your mower is going to get a lot use so it’s important to make sure it’s in tip top shape. Neglecting to perform proper lawn mower maintenance can cause significant damage to your mower or force you buy a new one sooner. Both case are completely avoidable since … Continue reading “Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips”

How to Winterize Your Lawn

By Plano Power | December 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Guaranteeing a healthy lawn next Summer begins this Autumn. The cold Winter months can damage your lawn and leave it dingy and lifeless as the temperatures start to rise. Taking steps to winterize your lawn in late October and November will give it the nutrients it needs to spread and repair any damage it incurred … Continue reading “How to Winterize Your Lawn”

How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

By Plano Power | November 14, 2017 | 1 Comment

When Winter starts to blow in, mowing season will soon be over and you need to start prepping to winterize your lawn mower. Most people put their mower in the usual spot to collect dust over the winter months, but you aren’t like most people. You’re smart. You’re thinking ahead and taking care of your … Continue reading “How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower”


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